A first study visit to our pilot in Barcelona

3 October 2023

A first study visit to our pilot in Barcelona

On October 3rd, our Barcelona pilot organized a study visit to share its valuable experience in addressing energy poverty at the local level. During this event, Barcelona partners Ecoserveis and ALEB warmly welcomed five members from the Sun4All Community of Practice, which consists of the first ten cities and utilities working to replicate the Sun4All program. These esteemed partners included Ayuntamiento de Valencia, Local Energy Agency of Osona, City of Warsaw, Energía Bonita, and Consell Comarcal del Gironès.

The gathering provided an excellent platform for project partners, Community of Practice members, and external stakeholders to engage in meaningful discussions and knowledge exchange. They shared insights about their respective local contexts and strategies for combatting energy poverty. Moreover, they delved into the action plans each of them are developing under the guidance of Sun4All partners. Key topics included active stakeholder engagement, collaboration with third-party entities, and the development of sustainable business models and financial strategies. Participants were pleased to discover that they faced similar challenges and could pool their ideas to find effective solutions. Many emphasized that one of the primary obstacles they face is gaining the trust of both beneficiaries and partner organizations, including utility companies.

The participants also embarked on a tour that led them through Barcelona's innovative Superblock program, showcased the public self-consumption service project, and highlighted the city's energy advisory points.

In the late afternoon, a workshop was conducted with approximately 60 beneficiaries from Barcelona's Sun4All pilot programme. Ecoserveis provided valuable insights into energy efficiency habits, supplemented by practical experiences and tips from those who had been part of the programme for over a year. To support the beneficiaries' efforts, energy efficiency kits were distributed to those residing in buildings that had recently joined the Sun4All initiative.

The workshop served as a platform to address questions and alleviate concerns, particularly regarding outstanding invoices, which some beneficiaries do not receive due to issues with the utility company. One beneficiary expressed their satisfaction, saying, "I'm very happy with the PV installations; I appreciate these modern solutions, especially as they help reduce pollution." Despite the challenges with invoices, residents were content with the Sun4All program because of the substantial assistance it provided and the valuable tips they received.

Looking ahead, study visits to other Sun4All pilots in Rome, Almada, and Coeur de Savoie are planned for early 2024. To stay informed about our progress and upcoming events, we encourage you to subscribe to our mailing list.

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