Energy communities for a fair energy transition in Europe

Solar power to the people

The Sun4All project will test in the EU a support scheme helping vulnerable households to switch to renewable energy while reducing their energy bills. The scheme will be tested by the cities of Almada (PT), Barcelona (ES), and Rome (IT) and by the community of municipalities Cœur de Savoie (FR).

At each pilot location, eligible participants will be identified and invited to be part of the project. Shares of a local photovoltaic power plant will be offered to all participants – in other words, the beneficiaries of the Sun4All support scheme will become co-owners of a local photovoltaic installation.

The revenues produced through the generation and selling of renewable energy will be used to reduce the energy bills of the participating households. In that way, and also by advising participating households on energy management at home, the project supports an inclusive energy transition process towards clean energy in Europe.

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Building on the results of the testing phase, the Sun4All support scheme will be scaled up across Europe.

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They are testing the Sun4All support scheme

Each pilot location (Almada, Barcelona, the Community of Communes Cœur de Savoie and Rome), where the Sun4All scheme will be tested, develops a unique way of putting the Sun4All approach in practice.
Their experiences will be shared with Observer Cities and beyond during 2023-2024.

European Union

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement N°101032239.