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Almada is one of eighteen municipalities in the Lisbon metropolitan area, in Portugal. The municipality is located on the south bank of the Tagus river and is accessible via the famous bridge "Ponte de 25 de Abril" from Lisbon.

In Almada, the Sun4All project will build on the awareness and experience gained through the HERB project, which involved residents of a building used for social housing purposes and funded the energy refurbishment of this building, including the installation of solar thermal and PV hybrid collectors.

The Sun4All scheme will be tested in Almada

Why here?

Data provided by the National Statistics Institute of Portugal in 2019 revealed that 19 % of the Portuguese population lives in households without the ability to keep the house adequately warm. One reason for this is the low energy efficiency of many buildings. Almada’s building stock has significant energy efficiency issues, with an assigned energy class (European Union energy label) equal to C or even lower for most buildings.

Therefore, within the scope of the Sun4All program, the city of Almada aims at supporting residents of social housing buildings, with a special focus on residents with a monthly income below the Social Support Index, as well as elderly inhabitants.

“Não são os benefícios. São as pessoas.”

- Câmara Municipal de Almada

In doing so, the Sun4All project will build on the extensive engagement and awareness-raising activities conducted during the HERB project (= Holistic Energy-efficient Retrofitting of residential Buildings) that was implemented in Almada between 2012 and 2016 (see also here). The residents of the “HERB building” can take on mentor roles to support and address beneficiaries of the Sun4All project. Vulnerable households will be directly addressed and asked to participate in the Sun4All program. Participation includes the possibility to attend workshops, learn more about energy management at home and reduce energy bills. As part of the energy rehabilitation strategy for social housing, the pilot’s objective is to make social housing residents benefit from the existing as well as planned solar installations to boost acceptance and recognition of renewable energy.


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Installation on the rooftop of a social housing building (that was fully renovated during the HERB project) in Monte da Caparica, a civil parish located in the municipality of Almada.

  • 4 kW installed power
  • All of the produced energy is dedicated to contribute to the Sun4All project.

Other installations could contribute to the Sun4All project in Almada to reach a minimum of 25 kW. Amongst others, the municipality of Almada plans to invest in the installation of a photovoltaic system with a production capacity of 40 kW on the rooftop of the Romeu Correia Municipal Forum (cultural building).

Image Gallery

View of Almada, which is a Sun4All pilot location

View of Almada and the bridge "Ponte de 25 de Abril" to Lisbon

View of the old town and city center of Almada

Municipal building with PV installations on the rooftop

Photovoltaic panels on the rooftop of a building owned by the municipality

AGENEAL representatives during the first informative session for Sun4All beneficiaries in Almada.

Information material was provided to Sun4All beneficiaries during the first informative session in Almada.

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European Union

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement N°101032239.