The COVID-19 Energy Map

9 May 2022

The COVID-19 Energy Map

The COVID Global Energy Map* summarizes the results of a mapping exercise that has been executed by European researchers since March 2020. Currently the tool, that is publicly accessible online without cost, shows more than 380 measures that have been undertaken in more than 120 countries by governments, regulators, utilities and energy companies during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure continuous and affordable energy supplies for households.

The number of the global emergency responses reveals the universal importance of household energy services access, i.e. of securing energy services access as a basic need. Especially during times of lock-downs, quarantine, self-isolation, where home-office and home-schooling get more and more important, it is apparent that all people need access to affordable and reliable energy services to sustain socially and materially necessitated levels of health, hygiene, well-being, education, social inclusion, or for the preparation of food.

To get an overview, results shown on the map can be filtered by type of measure to mitigate energy poverty (e.g. ‘ban on disconnection’, ‘free access to energy’ or ‘tariff adjustments and freezes’) and by country or region.

> To visit the map, please click here.

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* The map has been established by researchers and developed through cooperation under the EU COST Action CA16232 ENGAGER: European Energy Poverty.

[COVID-19 Energy map: Marlies Hesselman, Anaïs Varo, Rachel Guyet and Harriet Thomson. (2021) ‘COVID Energy Map', last retrieved on 03/05/2022, via:]

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