Recap: Sun4All Consortium Meeting in June

6 June 2022

Recap: Sun4All Consortium Meeting in June

Beginning of June, the first Sun4All Consortium Meeting took place as a hybrid event in the "Green City" of Freiburg, Germany.

Taking place nine months after the project start, the meeting constituted a good moment to pass the last months and happenings in review, to plan next steps, collect/ discuss open questions and have a look at upcoming milestones.

After months of regular online meetings, project partners were happy to finally being able to meet in person!
The actual project implementation has been/ is coming closer and things are getting more concrete with the first informative session for potential beneficiaries, planned to take place in Barcelona (one of four pilot locations) still in June.

The Sun4All Consortium Meeting provided the framework for project partners to have a closer look at each of the project's work packages and, more specifically, to deal with detailed questions concerning the practical implementation of the Sun4All programme, which consitutes at this stage one of the most relevant tasks within the project framework. Many fruitful discussions, workshops and opportunities to exchange knowledge lead to more clarity on next steps, expected challenges and potential solutions. Coeur de Savoie, Almada, Rome and Barcelona explained, for example, how they are going to fulfill the required GDPR compliance, when handling energy consumers' data, how sustainable energy production is guaranteed and how they take care of the financial management at their location. Supplementarily, Sun4All pilots are currently establishing contact points for potential beneficiaries, which can be easily contacted in case of questions, doubts or if advice is needed.

In addition, the project consortium took a look further ahead at the planned replication of the Sun4All programme. Once the support scheme has been set up in the four pilot locations, Sun4All is looking for other locations to replicate the programme. The Sun4All project partners are looking forward to share their learning experiences and a step-by-step guidance with the future Sun4All Community of Practice. With each pilot location facing individual, country specific (political) contexts and regulations relating to energy communities, it was very interesting for the whole project consortium to learn about the different national, regional and local frameworks and the resulting individually adapted implementation of the Sun4All models at each location. Common finding and message: "There is no unique solution. For implementation, the Sun4All model is adaptable to countries' specific requirements, as contexts of energy communities, energy poverty and energy education vary from country to country within Europe."

All project partners are now looking forward to join forces, put the planning into practice and make Sun4All an estbalished programme, supporting Europe's fair energy transition.

If you want to learn more about Sun4All, do not hesitate to contact the Sun4All project consortium!

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