Exploring energy solutions: Insights from the Sun4All Study visit in Almada

25 March 2024

Exploring energy solutions: Insights from the Sun4All Study visit in Almada

The Sun4All study visit held in March in Almada, Portugal, provided invaluable insights and opportunities for collaboration in the fight against energy poverty.

The morning session kicked off with an in-depth exploration of the Almada pilot and discussions on the future Renewable Energy Nucleus. Members of Sun4All Community of Practice had the chance to engage with key actors in Portugal's energy sector and learn about other projects happening across various towns. External stakeholders such as S.ENERGIA, Coopérnico, RdA Climate Solutions, and Centro Social Paroquial de Cristo Rei (CSPCR) shared their expertise and experiences, enriching the dialogue on renewable energy initiatives.

In the afternoon, the focus shifted to the Almada pilot visit, where participants had the opportunity to engage with the Community Centre of Tres Vales. This community institution, part of the Association CSPCR, plays a crucial role in providing home care, daycare facilities, and support to families and the local community. During this visit, Community of Practice members presented their proposed projects to tackle energy poverty, drawing inspiration from the Sun4All scheme. Following the presentations, a working session fostered peer-to-peer exchange, enabling participants to delve deeper into project specifics and share best practices. These exchanges provided valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities faced by communities striving to implement sustainable energy solutions.

While there is enthusiasm and commitment among Community of Practice members to implement Sun4All initiatives in their respective cities/regions, several challenges persist. Issues such as a lack of specialised human resources, unclear regulatory processes, and difficulties in accessing relevant data on beneficiary energy consumption were identified as common hurdles. The study visit proved highly productive, reinforcing the importance of collaboration and knowledge-sharing in addressing energy poverty effectively.

As Sun4All continues to empower communities and utilities with innovative solutions, it is evident that collective efforts and peer support will play a crucial role in overcoming barriers and fostering sustainable change. Interested in sharing knowledge, resources, and experiences with Sun4All? Check out our upcoming capacity-building activities!

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