Empowering vulnerable households: introducing factsheets on home energy efficiency

14 June 2024

Empowering vulnerable households: introducing factsheets on home energy efficiency

For households in vulnerable socio-economic conditions, managing and using energy efficiently in the home can significantly reduce utility bills. To support these households, a series of informative cards have been developed, offering practical advice to enhance energy efficiency, lower costs, and improve living and health conditions. These cards are the result of collaborative efforts from the Horizon 2020 project Sun4All and the Third Mission Sapienza 2022 project, titled "Energy Poverty and Solidarity Renewable Energy Communities: a Multidisciplinary Approach for Fairness and Solidarity with Rome."

The CITERA research group at Sapienza University of Rome has spearheaded the creation of these information sheets. As a scientific partner of both Sun4All and the Third Mission Sapienza 2022 projects, CITERA has meticulously developed these resources to address the specific needs of households in socio-economic vulnerability.

The cards are designed to analyse and influence four key behaviours related to the use of household appliances:

  1. What Do I Use Best?
  2. Where Do I Save?
  3. How Do I Save?
  4. The More You Know, The More You Save.

- WHAT and WHERE Sheets: These focus on household appliances and systems, guiding users on optimizing energy use for their operation. They offer insights on selecting and using appliances that contribute to energy savings.

- HOW and WHO Sheets: These address the management of appliances based on user habits and preferences, encouraging responsible and efficient use to maximize comfort while minimising costs.


Each card translates user behavior into specific, actionable steps for managing household appliances and ensuring comfort. They provide valuable advice on energy rights and are tailored to assist vulnerable households in making informed decisions that lead to tangible reductions in energy bills.

By promoting informed energy use and management, these cards aim to empower households facing economic challenges, helping them achieve better energy efficiency, lower costs, and improved overall well-being.

You can find the factsheets in English and in Italian in the Sun4All Resources library.

Image by "Sapienza Universita Roma"

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement N°101032239.