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Blueprint model for the Sun4All programme

The Blueprint model is the first approach of the Sun4All project to the adaptation of the Solar for All programme to the European context. Solar for All, as detailed below, is...

Publication Date: 25 Mar 2022

Author: João Cleto, AGENEAL

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Local requirements to benefit from Sun4All programme

The Sun4All project re-adapts and implements the experience of the New York State in the “NYSERDA” initiative in four different pilots in Europe (Barcelona, Coeur de Savoie...

Publication Date: 31 Mar 2022

Author: Alberto Danese and Mariona Bonsfills Clotet, Ecoserveis

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Progress report

This deliverable presents the first Progress Report for the Eurosolar for all: energy communities for a fair energy transition in Europe (Sun4All) project as defined in the...

Publication Date: 30 Jun 2022

Author: Camila Canelas, Ecoserveis

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Impact Assessment Indicators and Guidelines

This document presents the guidelines, indicators, methodology and timeframe for the Impact Assessment of the Sun4All project. We aim to assess three main impacts of the...

Publication Date: 29 Jul 2022

Author: Bérénice Girard and Siddharth Sareen, UiS

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Local work plans of community work

This deliverable constitutes a structured plan of the various engagement strategies, communication methods, events of community-building, and activities to raise the energy...

Publication Date: 04 Aug 2022

Author: Mariona Bonsfills and Raquel Rodríguez, Associació Ecoserveis

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European Union

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement N°101032239.