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Dissemination and Communication Strategy

This Dissemination and Communication Strategy (DCS) includes and is based on an analysis of the existing communications landscape. It defines relevant measures, communication...

Publication Date: 31 Mar 2022

Author: Dorina Meyer and Jurijs Grizans, ICLEI European Secretariat

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Blueprint model for the Sun4All programme

The Blueprint model is the first approach of the Sun4All project to the adaptation of the Solar for All programme to the European context. Solar for All, as detailed below, is...

Publication Date: 25 Mar 2022

Author: João Cleto, AGENEAL

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Sun4All Visual Identity

This document serves two purposes: it summarizes the elements of the project‘s Deliverable 6.2 “Visual Identity“ of Work Package 6 and it serves as a guideline, presenting and...

Publication Date: 28 Feb 2022

Author: Dorina Meyer, ICLEI European Secretariat

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European Union

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement N°101032239.